Hold down to capture the action and release in the gaps to effortlessly create a quick-fire mini movie.

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  • Jennifer Wesley Full Time Mother "VidFuze has allowed me to create entertaining videos of my kids as they grow up, which I have been sharing with my friends on Facebook. I'm not a techie person, yet I find VidFuze very intuitive and super easy to use!"
  • Jacob Taylor Skateboarder "When I'm at skateparks, I always find my self using VidFuze to create awesome montages of tricks, which I can instantly share with my friends. I love how the videos are always action-packed and there's never any waiting around."
  • Adam Smith Traveller/Blogger "VidFuze is the perfect tool for creating smooth, swift videos of my travels to upload to my blog. I never find myself running low on storage anymore because of large video files, as VidFuze allows me to only film the best bits, essentially editing the film as I go!"

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